Barack Obama Elementary

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Barack Obama Elementary

Barack Obama Elementary School saw school breakfast participation double after implementing Breakfast in the Classroom. Watch the video to learn why administrators, teachers, and students love it!

Dealing With the Whole Child

How Better Food Access is Making a Difference

At Barack Obama Elementary School, every morning begins with breakfast in the classroom. School nutrition staff pack breakfasts into insulated bags, which are delivered to each classroom on wagons. Before Breakfast in the Classroom, students had to arrive early in order to eat breakfast in the cafeteria. Unfortunately, this meant many students were not able to eat breakfast and instead came to class hungry and distracted.

“The program that we have now – no matter what time they get here – they can still get breakfast. They look forward to it. The kids are in a better mood. They are energetic and more ready to learn,” said First Grade Teacher Mrs. Walker.

Since beginning its Breakfast in the Classroom program, Barack Obama Elementary School has seen school breakfast participation double.