School breakfast fuels students for success

School breakfast fuels students for success

Students at Barack Obama Elementary in the Normandy School District always start school with full stomachs thanks to the “Breakfast in the Classroom” program.

The program is a part of Operation Food Search’s efforts to reduce food insecurities in Missouri. One in five children struggle with hunger, according to the organization.

Moving breakfast from in the cafeteria to the classrooms has resulted in big improvements in multiple aspects for students.

By starting students in the classroom, students have a smoother transition into their school day resulting in them being more focused on classwork.

Attendance is up considerably, students are making less visits to the nurse for hunger related issues, and grades are up as well. Math scores at districts across the state have increased by 17 percent.

Every morning students are offered five food options: two grains, two fruits and a protein item.

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